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July 2019
LOVATO LAB inauguration
An ambitious project, an important step started many years ago, an excellence made in Bergamo, a significant investment, a jump [...]
June 2019
LOVATO Academy new website
The new LOVATO Electric website academy.lovatoelectric.com is now online and it is fully dedicated to the professional training [...]
June 2019
LOVATOLAB construction timelapse
Watch how a LOVATO Electric project grows up! Enjoy the video!
April 2019
Acquisition in Croatia
Through the acquisition of the Koncar NSP business unit dedicated to the design and production of rotary cam switches and switch [...]
January 2019
New scenarios for HMI LRH series
3 new scenarios for HMI LRH series are now available. These scenarios are examples to help users to get familiar with [...]
November 2018
New building
A new and important project started on October, 15th. LOVATO Electric extends its borders creating a new building with a covered [...]
September 2018
TMM1NFC multifunction time relay with NFC technology tutorial videos
TMM1NFC is the new LOVATO Electric time relay with NFC technology. It's multifunction, multiscale, multivoltage with 1 [...]
September 2018
We are very pleased to announce that for the next few years the indoor sports arena of Gorle (Bergamo) will be called [...]
September 2018
Work has just started at Gorle (Bergamo) to create LOVATO LAB, LOVATO Electric’s new R&D laboratory. The new [...]
September 2018
LOVATObike 2018
More than 300 riders, different challenges, one passion: the bike. A beautiful sunny day for the annual LOVATO Electric's [...]
April 2018
English catalogue 2018-19
The 2018-19 edition of the general catalogue in English is now available in hard copy and is also downloadable from our [...]
December 2017
New GA.. series switch disconnectors video
A new video entirely conceived in 3D to illustrate in a simple and effective way the main features of GA series [...]
September 2017
VLB3 series variable speed drives tutorial videos
VLB3 series variable speed drives enable complex automation operations in an unexpectedly simple way. Here are 4 tutorials to [...]
August 2017
XPress upgrade 3.0
The 3.0 version of Xpress, our Configuration and Remote Control Software, is now available for download. Features: New [...]
July 2017
Tooling and moulding departments new video
Complete in-house engineering, CNC and EDM machining, multi-cavity and rotational moulds and a completely automated plastic [...]
April 2017
Here’s the new 2017 corporate video. From design to production, from marketing to customer service, all our skills to face [...]
March 2017
ADXL series soft starters tutorial videos
Two new tutorial videos about essential and useful features of the ADXL series soft starters are now online. 1. Auto setup - [...]
February 2017
ADXL UL certification from 30 to 320A
The full range of ADXL series soft starters from 30A to 320A is now UL certified! The new series of ADXL soft starters allow [...]
November 2015
LOVATO Electric on EPLAN
EPLAN is the worldwide leader in Electrical CAD solutions and offers electrical engineering design software that provides [...]
January 2014
New fuse holders 10x38 size
The new FB01F... fuse holders 10x38 size are now available. The range is composed of: one-pole, one-pole with light indicator, [...]
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