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DC coil contactors

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DC coil contactors

Three and four-pole versions

The new range of LOVATO Electric contactors renews the three and four-pole versions with standard and low-consumption DC coil.


- Three-poles 
- Four-poles  
- Special four-poles 
- Control relays.   

Selling points    
- Three-pole contactors up to 38A  for AC3 duty
- Four-pole contactors up to 56A  for AC1 duty
- Special four-pole contactors with 2NO+2NC or 4NC main poles
- Control relays
- DC standard and low-consumption (2.4W) versions
- Extensive choice of accessories
- Certified by primary international authorities.



Four-terminal coil
Connecting cables can be coupled to the coil, both on the line and load ends of the contactor.

Built-in surge suppressor
The BF09 to BF38 contactors with standard voltage coils include a built-in surge suppressor.

Low consumption for coils
The BF…L contactors feature a low consumption of 2.4W.
This characteristic consents their use to be directly controlled by  PLC output.

Wide operating range
BF…D contactors are equipped with a wide operating range coil and are particular useful in applications subject to considerable voltage variations, such as in electric traction railway equipment.

Side add-on fourth pole
For the 45A and 56A AC1 ratings, a side-mount fourth power pole can be snapped on the three-pole contactor.
This solution consents to optimise inventory control.

35mm DIN rail mounting and fixing
Contactor mounting and demounting on a 35mm DIN rail are tool-less operations and are done bysimply applying pressure on the contactor.

Effortless thermal overload relay link
During the connection of the thermal overload relay to the contactor, its auxiliary contact is simultaneously linked to the contactor coil terminal, by rigid connector.
The complete overload relay fixing is obtained with one single operation and without other connections.


Terminal adaptability
Terminals are suitable for every type of cable: flexible, rigid, according to AWG standards and withany type of cable terminal.
Power pole, auxiliary and coil screws can be tightened using one single type of screwdriver.




Rubber pad insert for no DIN rail sliding
A rubber insert prevents the contactors from sliding on the 35mm DIN rail even when out of tolerance or mounted vertically.

Connection security - IP20
The ease of terminal access and space is combined with IP20 finger safety, to prevent accidental touching of live parts.




Direct current contactors leaflet

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