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December 2020
Changeover contactors BFC
We would like to inform you that LOVATO Electric has now introduced in its range 4P changeover contactors sets BFC series. [...]
December 2020
Type F certification for SM1R... SM2R... SM3R... motor protection circuit breaker
LOVATO Electric obtained UL508 Type F Combination Motor Controller certification for SM1R... SM2R... SM3R... motor protection [...]
July 2020
New GSM modem EXC GSM 01
The EXC GSM 01 from LOVATO Electric is the ideal solution for applications requiring remote actuation of relay outputs and [...]
July 2020
SAM1 & NFC Configuration APP - news
We would like to inform you that our app SAM1 (Android & IOS) is now translated in 14 languages, the description parameters [...]
July 2020
Switch disconnectors and changeovers switches GL series up to 630A
This new range of products covers applications from 160A to 630A, can be actuated directly or used with a door interlocked [...]
July 2020
Xpress 5.0 - new release
We inform you that Version 5.0 of Xpress has been released. Xpress is a free of charge software for LOVATO Electric devices [...]
May 2020
New LED integrated monoblock pilot lights
Widely used in industrial and commercial applications for status indication, LED integrated monoblock pilot lights Platinum [...]
March 2020
New contactor BF94
BF94 contactor is born. Motor control up to 95A AC-3 400V and thermal current of 115A in just 55mm width. The new contactor is [...]
August 2019
New LOVATO Electric contactors for 95 to 150A motor control current
LOVATO Electric's contactor range has been expanded with the introduction of a new frame size which covers motor currents [...]
April 2019
Gateway data logger
LOVATO Electric is introducing its own solution for access to cloud-based energy monitoring platforms, first and foremost its [...]
May 2018
GM series switch disconnectors
They are specifically intended for the North American market as they are compliant with the UL98 standard. They have CC type [...]
April 2018
Electronic overload relays RFE series
RFE series electronic overload relays for currents from 0.4 to 110A. They have a high trip accuracy, a very low heat dissipation [...]
May 2017
LED Monoblock Pilot Lights rated Type 4X
The new LED monoblock pilot lights are here and they come in 6 different colors. Made in Italy proved quality makes the new [...]
May 2017
Three-pole BF…E electronically controlled contactors
The new BF40E ... BF80E contactors feature electronically controlled coil, either powered in AC or DC, and a wide operating [...]
May 2017
Synergy V. 7.0 - new release
Synergy updates to version 7.0 with important graphic and functional updates. The new release is available for free to all [...]
April 2017
SM… series motor protection circuit breakers
The new SM series… motor protection circuit breakers are here and they’re completely renewed in every range of [...]
July 2016
Soft starters ADXL series 18...320A
The new range of LOVATO Electric Soft Starters ADXL series from 18 to 320A is here. The new ADXL series of soft starters is [...]
May 2015
New knob selectrors, RJ45 and USB interfacecs, Buzzersand potentiometers PLatinum series
The push buttons PLatinum series is expanding with new products that are designed to complete the range already present in the [...]
July 2013
Ø22mm pushbuttons and selector switches
LOVATO Electric extends its line of pilot devices to include the new Platinum series pushbuttons and selector switches. Compact [...]
June 2013
Power factor controller DCRG 8
The backlight graphic LCD gives excellent data legibility, even with poor illumination, and has a clear and intuitive viewing [...]
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